Jetz Fusion

This is the newest game in my Jetz Series. If you haven't played the previous ones the goal is to fly around cities and go on missions for people to collect cash. If you complete all the missions in the city a boss comes out and fights you to go on to the next level. This is not an easy thing. You have to keep your destruction meter down while doing them so the cops don't kill you. Or if you just don't want to do the missions you can get the destruction meter up as high as possible and try to stay alive which can be alot of fun. If you beat the game you can play multiplayer with 5 weapons. In one player there is a total of 9 weapons you can collect along your way. You can also download custom weapons made for this game here

Download Type - Action/Shooter
Size - 9.8mb
Rating - Teen
Players - 1/2

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SmartOne Linux (88x31, Low)
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